by Phototaxis

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released January 25, 2015


all rights reserved



Phototaxis Tel Aviv, Israel

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Track Name: Prison
Long time in prison I’ve hardly pound the pavement
Long time in prison before you let go
Long time in prison since i have settled
Long time in prison and now I can’t go now I can’t go

It’s been a long time since the fanatical orders ruled
It seems they have become the only say
It takes me by surprise cities vanish and die
The numbers are getting closer each day
Supper will be served in the apocalyptic phase
Don’t drink the water it’s deadly as hell
Endless time I've been worried sick beyond my say
Not particularly sad mostly holding on the ledge
Accepting piercing winds of determined end
Track Name: Red
You made it sound silly
I won't run
I won't hurry up
You said we'll call it a game

Those eyes around me picking
But broken never feels it
Wore my red hood again

I lay down
I lay low
Comes in a while
Comes like a stroke
Bells breaking
Bells breaking down

It's a dark season
On a dead road
Once I'll wait
It will grab my cloak
Since I'm spinning
Since I lost my mom

Where does being a survivor is not appealing as here?

Who would wait?
Who would wait for me?

You smiled with open jaws
And I saw your blade cuts deep
wore my red hood again

I’m not superstitious
But you used and ripped
You said we’ll call it a game
Track Name: Marinade
Its morning sits inside
The little room and waits
But he's not sure why

A mosquito flies return and back
Like it keeps it’s time
There is silence but not for long
Something’s about to come

Ho taste of marinade
Flavor folds the signs
And all there's left
Sugar rush and lime

Empty fridge
And there's a stench
Rising up above
One crooked lamp
Still postcards are tidy
Across the light (hand held fan)
He’s staring
Like hoping he can jump inside

There is knocking but he continues humming
Words inside and it's getting loud
Neighbor's dog is barking- fire hell
But he will stay inside

Now there are tubes around
Shackled angel's chest
Stop! He cries
No new end
Track Name: Roams Of Stone
I hid it
I had it
Was stolen
Now share it
The healers the horrors of roams of stone

Some peasants and merchants are passing a passage
And still can’t recall the cycle fall

Blame them eyes and bet their steel
Melts up
All be buried down the hill
When the birds sing aloud

Four days
Nine weeks
Ten months
Few splits
Five nails
Three stones
Three drips
More more

The sin line is up
The sin line is low
The sin line is up and down
Track Name: Court Yard Clown
One minute a strike
You can’t
You can not watch nothing

This second time
You can’t
You can not save nothing

You really can
Love you
Love yourself
It don’t come easy
You know

Dropped stone
In a steep slope
You can’t
You can not last a second

Let off
Beat the air

Ho, when you’re gone
You’ll know something
Track Name: Fire
Bad bad day
It wets my fire
Must be the prosecutor day
I can not hide it

Deep deep in the mines
I’m digging dirt
Someone is shouting
But there is so much noise
Forgot that there is another way
My cough and a repetitive dismay

The heart of earth is my last resort
We breathe together
Seed and fertile spot
She’s pumping all the blood in my veins
Only here i feel
Inside her warm embrace

Bad bad day
It wets my fire
Must be the prosecutor day
I can not hide it

Scratching walls of mud
With my thoughts I know i have a jewel but now i’m lost

Deep deep lonely time and time
And soil and having nothing at all
Dark shades and respiration shakes
Move up motion low
Two floors more

Gain game gain gain game
Track Name: Please
Your words have been such a tender sin
Now i want to do it
Do it

Can’t stop it's more than i can feel
Now i want to do it
Do it
No no I'm not up for adventures of this sort
I'm stuck and you have awaken my fort

Please please stop me I'm about to make a big mistake
No one ever told me it will turn out like that
Please please stop me
Please please someone stop me

Sincerely i can't find it
A way to my old self
It will be so easy if i could just pretend

But your words have been such a tender sin
Now i want to do it
Do it
Track Name: Woman
Woman I lay beside your wounded knee
Beside your broken wings
Beside your used up tricks

Woman I lay beside your whispers and groans
Beside your wishing roars
Beside your changing tone

Woman I lay beneath you in the ground
I’ll hold the sugar sand close to your heart

Woman I lay behind your tears drying up
Behind your fire comes down
Behind your restless smile

Woman I lay between your expanding lips
Between your lack of pride
Between your hungry filth

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